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CMO Disrupt 2017, Sydney | 13th June, 2017 

For marketers, the term ‘disruption’ can take many shapes and forms. Disruption is the new digital ecosystem being forged by consumer technology and innovation.  As well as this, disruption also changes customer expectations brought on by technology.

CMO Disrupt 2017 looks at these challenges through the lens of the CMO. The event will showcase the best in technology, innovation and disruption and explore how and why the role of the CMO continues to evolve through the advent of technology.

The content for CMO Disrupt 2017 has been driven by some of Australia’s leading marketing executives through the official Advisory Panel for the event. We are pleased to have engaged with six experts in the field to ensure an unsurpassed level of quality content.

CMO Disrupt 2017 is an opportunity for the technology industry to engage with some of Australia’s most influential CMOs and develop lasting connections that will assist in creating greater levels of utility.

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We are pleased to announce three international keynotes in Martine Reardon, CMO of Macy’s department stores (US),  as well as Linda Duncombe CMO, Citi FinTech Group (US), and Joel Pinkham Director of Analytics, Shoes of Prey.

Martine was voted by Forbes magazine as one of the World’s top 10 Most Influential CMOs in 2015, and has spent over 32 years at the world’s largest fashion retailer.

A regular columnist for the AFR before taking up a CMO Role in New York, Linda is one of Australia’s most successful marketing exports and currently heads up Citi’s global social, marketing and digital offerings.

Joel Pinkham has played a key role in the ascent of Shoes of Prey in the last 4 years, previously as Director of Marketing and most recently as Director of Analytics at the fastest growing multi million dollar global retailer.



Chief Marketing Officer
Macy’s (US)

World’s Top 10 Most Influential CMOs as voted by Forbes Magazine 



CMO and Managing Director, Global Head of Growth
Citi FinTech (US)


Joel Pinkham

Director of Analytics
Shoes of Prey

Our 2016 Speakers:


Jenny Williams

Chief Marketing Officer

Trisca 2

Trisca Scott-Branagan

Executive Director
Deakin University

Kelly 2

Jo Kelly

Chief Marketing Officer


Nigel Lester

Managing Director
Pitney Bowes Software


Jane Power

Director, Brand and Health & Care Marketing


Jac Phillips

Head of Brand and Marketing
Bank of Melbourne


Chris Bennetts

Executive Director
Transport for NSW


Jason Juma-Ross

Head of Tech, Entertainment & Communications


Guido Tapia

Predictive Analytics


Jane Huxley

Managing Director


Amanda McGregor

Director of Marketing


Alex Gibbs

The Wine Society


Aaron Michie

Director, Guardian Labs
The Guardian


Maryanne Barjel



Grant Stewart

Head of Strategy
Digital Alchemy



09.00 AM – 09.10 AM

MC Introduction

Maryanne Barjel, Presenter


09.10 AM – 09.30 AM

Opening Remarks from Facebook

Jason Juma-Ross, Head of Tech, Entertainment & Communications, Facebook


09.30 AM – 10.00 AM

An Idea born by Design, a Design born to Disrupt

• Creative aspects of marketing through innovative data driven marketing
• Thinking global: how marketing drove the Shoes of Prey evolution
• Developing a modern day approach to marketing analytics and data insights
• How data driven insights can incubate the next phase of Shoes of Prey’s journey
Joel Pinkham, Director of Analytics, Shoes of Prey


10.00 AM – 10.40 AM

International Keynote: FireSide Chat with Martine Reardon

• Exceeding CX and UX through MarTech: Beacon Technology, Live Video streaming and in-store apps
• Today’s multi-platform media landscape and the role of physical stores in the mix
• Brand-building and the value proposition
• Macro trends in the media landscape
• Engaging millennials through innovation and the new technologies winning at retail
Martine Reardon, former CMO, Macy’s (US)

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10.40 AM – 11.20 PM

Foundations for Disruption

• Tech and innovation having the most impact – Social Media, Big Data, Real-Time Communication, Cloud, Mobile, and AI
• How CMOs are addressing disruptive forces within their industry
• The CMO of the Future: identifying the skills for future marketing leaders
• The impact of generational change from within and outside the office

Trisca Scott-Branagan, Executive Director, Deakin University
Jane Huxley, Managing Director, Pandora
Jo Kelly, CMO, Ubank
Amanda McGregor, Director of Marketing, SBS
Aaron Michie, Director, Guardian Labs, The Guardian

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11.20 AM – 11.45 AM

Morning Tea & Networking Break

11.45 AM – 12.15 PM

Welcome to the Age of the Customer

The dynamic between businesses and their customers has flipped. Customers buying habits have changed. They are more discriminating, more difficult to acquire… and more difficult to keep. This lively and interactive session will examine the age of the customer and explore how organisations are embracing new and disruptive technologies to better – Identify, Locate, Communicate with clients
• What is the Age of the Customer
• Identify, Locate, Communicate – creating relevant, authentic and meaningful impact
• Go Interactive and Get Personal
Nigel Lester, Managing Director, ANZ, Pitney Bowes

CMO Sydney Logo

12.15 PM – 12.25 PM

The Art of Branding

This session is a walking networking session throughout the lower Art gallery. The key theme for discussion is “how omni-channel is impacting brand”.


12.25 PM – 12.55 PM

Living with Disruption: Managing the Change to Ensure the Benefits

• A look at HCF’s digital transformation project: responding to the customer
• The impact of “going digital” on the business
• Collaboration at the C-Level, CIOs and CMOs working together to effect change
• Engaging internal & external stakeholders to execute and maintain digital innovation
Jenny Williams, CMO, HCF


12.55 PM – 01.05 PM

Machine Learning in Marketing: A Look at “Centazio”

How organisatoins are using machine learning to track the ROI of marketing spend.
Guido Tapia, Predictive Analytics, Centazio

Click here to view presentation slides.

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01.05 PM – 02.00 PM

Networking Luncheon


02.00 PM – 02.25 PM

The Rise of Real Time Marketing

• How it’s disrupting traditional targeting and decisioning
• Designing a CX around real time omni-channel conversations
• Who’s doing it well and what are they doing?
Grant Stewart, Head of Strategy, Digital Alchemy

Click to view presentation slides. 

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02.25 PM – 03.05 PM

Customer Journey 3.0

• Effectively engaging with your omni-channel customer
• Responding to the customer of the future: digital, omnipresent and in real-time
• The future of digital platforms – interoperability and cross channel ubiquity
• A look at the tech that is changing your relationship with your customer
• Strategies for driving an all inclusive customer journey
Jane Power, Director, Brand and Health & Care Marketing, Bupa
Jac Phillips, 
Head of Brand and Marketing, Bank of Melbourne
Chris Bennetts,
Executive Director, Transport for NSW
Alex Gibbs
, CMO, The Wine Society
Joel Pinkham, Director of Analytics, Shoes of Prey


03.05 PM – 03.35 PM

Consumers as Disruptors

• Trends that are shaping the media landscape and how brands (and Citi) are innovating in response
• Identifying the disruption from within to drive strategy
• Citi’s approach to digital and social platforms – going global, staying local
• The Future of CX & UX: device & tech driven experiences, interoperability and cross channel ubiquity
• Finding the intersection between social, digital and media within Citi
Linda Duncombe, CMO and Managing Director, Global Head of Growth, Citi Fintech Group New York


03.35 PM – 04.15 PM

Canapés & Gin Tasting

Archie Rose Distilling Co. is a custom-designed boutique distillery and bar in Rosebery, Sydney just 5km south of the CBD. Opening in 2015 we became the first multi-spirit distillery in Sydney in over 160 years. Dedicated to honouring the city’s rich spirit-making past and shaping its future, we hand craft spirits on site, including gin, vodka and whisky and our distillery has been custom designed to give people a unique behind the scenes look at the distilling process from grain to glass. The Archie Rose Bar is located just three metres away from our distillery and has been created as a place where people gather to savour our gin, vodka and whisky in spirit flights and cocktails along with other exceptional products from around the world. Founded by Sydney-sider Will Edwards, the inspiration for Archie Rose came from the Tasmanian distilling industry and the urban distilleries of New York and London.

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04.15 PM

Conference Close


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